We Are All Connected To The Universe by David Burt

There’s power and energy in everything. Even in inanimate objects there’s potential untapped energy.

There’s electricity in our bodies. There’s electricity in plants. Even if there are free ions in water it conducts electricity.

All around us are the Laws of Physics. Radio waves and cosmic radiation is passing through our bodies every second, and we aren’t even aware of it.

Even the molecules in our bodies are constantly moving and changing. Nothing in nature and in the universe is permanently still.

The same molecules and atoms that make up your physical body are found inside of the Sun. We are all, in reality, Cosmically Connected.

Spirit can’t be tested or measured in a laboratory, but our physical make-up…all the elements that make-up your physical body, are also found in all the stars and galaxies in the universe.

We are NOT disconnected from the universe. We are in it, a part of it, and ARE IT!


“We Are All Connected; To Each Other, Biologically. To The Earth, Chemically. To The Rest Of The Universe Atomically.” ~ Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson  


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