Courage vs Conformity: The Dangers of Collectivism by David Burt

In my essays, if you’ve noticed, I always bring up the topic of “Just Being A Good Person Is Not Enough.” The reason why I do this is because from my personal life experiences watching and analyzing people. It’s kind of an unusual philosophy to a lot of people, because in media and pop culture, most of us are bombarded with the rhetoric of “All You Need Is Love” or “Love Will Conquer All”. It’s a feel good philosophy that really has no substance to it. I’m not in denial that love and being a good person is important. Being a decent individual is a positive trait. My issue is that, from my observation, many people aren’t assertive. They aren’t vocal and hardly ever take productive initiative. This is one of the reasons why the world has gotten worse morally.


Bystander Effect

The bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present. The greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help.
This is a situation where you maybe among a large crowd of people, but you see a woman getting mugged on the street, but you decide not to do anything, because in your mind you’re saying to yourself, “I’m sure somebody already called the police. There’s no need for me to do anything.” Sure, you may feel sorry for the poor lady getting mugged, but you’re not going to take the initiative to chase after the thug to catch him. A large number of people have this mentality. It’s a deep psychological apathy. Many people see things going wrong around them all the time, but will not put any effort to do anything, because of the belief that someone else will do it. These people don’t realize most problems don’t automatically get solved by themselves.
I try my best to not bash religion anymore. We live in the United States of America where we have Freedom of Religion, thanks to the First Amendment of the Constitution. An individual has the freedom to be a Christian, Jew, atheist, agnostic, Satanist, pagan, Wiccan, etc. Keep in mind religions are ideologies. All ideologies are man-made ideas. People usually hide behind ideologies when they are insecure and can’t stand on their own two feet and have their own personal opinions. A lot of reasonably good moral people almost always live under some kind of religious umbrella. It could be any type of religious group or sect: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Orthodox Sunni Muslim, Nation of Islam, Black Hebrew Israelites, etc. A large number of these people are relatively decent, but they bury themselves deep under the cloak of being “meek” to a point that they’re not enjoying life. They view a lot of benign things by the Western World’s standards as being “sinful”. They think drinking alcohol is bad. They think eating pork is bad. They think dressing sexually attractive is bad. They think wearing make-up is bad. They think professional sports or athletics is bad. They think Rock or Hip-Hop music is bad. They think horror movies are bad. They shut out and cut off a lot of things that are basic enjoyment. In reality, overdoing religious meekness and piousness numbs and deadens your natural intuition, suaveness, flexibility, and agility.
A lot of these pious people are ignorant to the fact that you can be a good person without being religious. Recently, I’ve been introduced to a lot of Conservatives who are atheists and agnostics.
Also, many of these people are in these religions or cults, because of a superiority complex. They think because he or she is a Muslim, they’re morally superior to anyone else who is secular or outside their particular sect. Their religion is like a “shield” to protect them from those “heathens” of the outside world. Their train of thought is, “I’m Muslim…so I’m safe” or “I’m a Jehovah’s Witness…I’m safe” just in case Armageddon comes, their group is safe, while the rest of us in the world burn in flames.
A lot of good people are overlooked by other good people, simply because they don’t fit the narrative. For example; when Christian women talk about the qualities they’re looking for in a good man, they would say things like he needs to make a certain amount of money, have a certain job, drive a certain car, etc; but they never say they want a man who’s cultured, well-read, or creative. It’s very odd, because you would think that a person who is knowledgeable in books, arts, or science would be a turn on for professional Christian women, but surprisingly, it’s not. They just want a man with money who is “Saved”. The man could be dumb as a doornail, but if he wears a three piece suit and goes to church on Sunday he’s acceptable. Men and women who say they will only date or marry a person who is Christian is an example of Cultural Authoritarianism. It’s still part of this old outdated stereotype that a Christian automatically equates to a “good person”.



VMAs 2017
As quiet as it’s kept, the “cool crowd” are losing their cool.  If you’ve noticed, people who consider themselves bourgeoisie are becoming more broke and powerless. Snobby social cliques are losing power and aren’t smart anymore. You can easily see this in pop culture. All the so-called mainstream “cool” music is boring and lame. All the R&B singers sound the same. All the rappers looks and sound the same. All the little white girl pop singers like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus look and sound the same. Most of the comedians and celebrities are wimpy over emotional Left-Wing liberal Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) who always Virtue Signal to prove how “good” they are, when they’re really not. Even the television news media like CNN and MSNBC are slipping in ratings, because people don’t trust them. If this keeps up, in a decade the whole of popular culture will eventually collapse. This is in reality a good thing, because finally the younger generation under us will finally be mature, get jobs, get married, and have nuclear families again; unlike Millennials who are mostly single, emotionally unstable, and immature.
Being insecure and depressed is trendy these days. It’s a badge of honor to declare that you were a victim of something. People declare themselves as victims so people can feel sorry for them and get attention. Some use the excuse of mental illness, anxiety, and depression to be an asshole and act flaky or flighty. This trend has to stop. To be a respectable person, you must be a grounded and confident person. You have to be a solid individual.
The mainstream, the “hip and cool” crowd, the bougie clique crowd, and pop culture promotes the cult of insecurity. They claim to be concerned with you, but in reality they WANT you to be a victim and to be proud of being a victim. Feminism is a good example of this. Feminism used to be about building confidence in women and equality, but now they are pushing hard the narrative of “all women are victims’ and “all men are bad, evil and rapists.” Modern Third-Wave Feminism promotes a fear culture. The same applies to the Black Conscious Movement, because it still promotes “all white people are out to get you.” These groups hardly ever promote the concept of self-reliance and self-esteem. Black groups and feminist groups are Collectivists, not Individualists. If Individualism was taught from the beginning, people would have become more confident and secure, and all these groups would have disappeared and faded away a long time ago.
Collectivism is Misery
There’s an old Dr. Malachi Z. York CD I listen to from time to time titled THE STRANGEST SECRET. On the CD, York said, “The opposite of courage is conformity“. Even though I am not a follower of Dr. Malachi Z. York anymore, his quote was correct. If you read and study history, most of the well-known historical figures who’ve made any kind of impact never conformed to the social status-quo around them. They were brave and stood out. If these historical figures just remained “good”, “meek” or “pious”, nobody would have known who they were. So, it’s very odd that the so-called cool, hip, and swagger crowd who claim to be on top of all things are such conformists. Pop culture is almost identical to religious cults. It’s a mentality of “you have to think and act like us, or you’re an outcast.” It’s the same damn Cultural Authoritarianism! 
Strangest Secret by Malachi Z. York
Whoever is the strongest will survive. The weak die out. Remember, Ancient Rome used to be strong, but Rome got cocky and then, eventually, the Barbarians (Visigoths and Vandals), who were outsiders, conquered and destroyed it. There are a lot of outsiders that the hipsters don’t see or know about, who are currently sharpening their swords, who are about to topple over the social status-quo.

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