Advice They Never Tell Decent People by David Burt

There is a big misconception that “good” people have to be passive and meek. This false idea is enforced mainly by religion which teaches things such as, “turn the other cheek” and “love and forgive your enemies”. A lot of times, this kind of advice is really detrimental and counterproductive to a person’s progress and well-being. Most so-called spiritual teachers will never tell you that there are times when you have to put your foot down and “kick ass”. Remember, in nature, you don’t just find peace, you’ll also find aggression. Lions and tigers are part of nature, just like a flower, but they’re not affectionate toward you.

Advice they never tell decent people (in no particular order):

  1. Just being a good person is not enough.
  2. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  3. The doctrine of “Love Everybody” is a false doctrine. You are not supposed to love everybody.
  4. Exercising, staying in shape, dressing nice, and looking healthy is a responsibility.
  5. Never be or act clueless, always have and use street smarts and your intuition.
  6. Being classy and glamorous is useless if you don’t have any down-home qualities.
  7. Learn self-defense and own a weapon or firearm.
  8. Have self-reliance and be self-sufficient, never look for outside forces to save you all the time.
  9. Niceness IS weakness.
  10. Good deeds and meekness doesn’t get you into “Heaven”, confidence and assertiveness does.
  11. God is not watching over you, and the Devil is not chasing after you. They both have better things to do instead of being concerned about you.
  12. Learn to be on the offense, never always be on the defense.
  13. Instead of following the rules, create your own rules.
  14. Responsible people have the right to indulge (good wine, good sex, the best clothes, the fastest cars, etc…). Always abstaining is self-punishment.
  15. It’s perfectly o.k. to hate your enemies.
  16. Enemies are supposed to be destroyed, not forgiven.
  17. Bougie-ness does not equate to intelligence.
  18. Spirituality and “good” are not one and the same. Remember, demons are spirits too.
  19. Acting meek, pious, or holy is just for show; God is not impressed and doesn’t care.
  20. Having a healthy sex drive IS a good quality.
  21. When you play, you play to WIN!
  22. Study and learn as much as you can, and always ask questions.
  23. Have standards and live by them.

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