Responsibility and Values by David Burt

Always take personal responsibility for your actions and always consider the long run. Many times, this isn’t easy, because we are always seeking the feeling of comfort and satisfaction. The mind and brain can be tricky, so it is best to find ways to train and discipline your brain.

Try to rid yourself of distractions. Take long breaks from engaging in social media. Withdraw from Facebook or Twitter for long periods of time. You will find that you’ll be more productive and get more things done. Also, cut down on your time watching television. Try to develop good productive habits such as exercising/working-out or reading. Put more focus on your finances and money, and monitor your spending habits. Remember, adult life is about maintenance, not being flashy to impress.

Get in the habit of buying items that you can use in the future for emergencies. I have tried this in my personal life and it works, because when emergencies come up, you already have things such as flashlights and candles ready just in case the electricity goes out, instead of running to the supply store and blowing your last bit of cash at the last minute.

Developing good responsible habits can be a slow process, but as long as you continue practicing it, you’ll eventually improve. It can be hard, because we live in a society where hard work and ethics aren’t encouraged and enforced. Try to hang around decent and responsible people who’s good habits can rub off on you. If you can’t find any, go hang around with old people. Many elderly people still hang on to good down home conservative values.

Old 4

Conservative values means taking personal responsibility for your actions. It’s not expecting a hand-out or waiting for some kind of external miraculous miracle to magically solve all your problems. When you encounter a problem, use your brain and will-power to solve it. This is why you have a brain. The more you force yourself to change for the better, things will surprisingly get better for you. It’s not an overnight instantaneous process, but you will be greatly rewarded in the future.

If you are interesting in this particular topic from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective, refer to my Facebook Note I published back in 2016 titled Metaphysics 101, Part 2 (Grounding) written under my other author pen name Sunu Akkad;

Click on the link above!


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