Freedom To Express Your Mind Without Guilt by David Burt

We are fortunate to live in a country where we have freedom of speech. People have the freedom of thought and the freedom to express their ideas. People have the freedom of religion and worship any god they choose, and also have the freedom to deny the existence of any god in general. We should be thankful and grateful that we live in a country where we can express ourselves without any negative governmental repercussions.

Even though we live in a nation where we have freedoms of speech and religion, there is currently a degenerate social status quo in which unique, progressive, and, surprisingly, even traditional conservative viewpoints are attacked. This degenerate social status quo comes from the social conditioning coming from the media and pop culture which distracts a lot of people and, sadly, many people are easily influenced by. The media and pop culture should just be seen as entertainment, but unfortunately, many people take it too literal. One of the weaknesses of the general public is that it’s too impressionable. Critical thinking is not enforced or encouraged within everyday social circles. So, when the media puts out propaganda that encourages victimhood and materialism, the typical everyday person will assimilate to that. This creates a social imbalance, because there isn’t a strong counter-culture to challenge this trend of superficiality.

As I have said many times before in other essays and articles I have written, we have to get rid of timidity and guilt when it comes to doing what is right. Deep down, people know certain things are true, but are scared to express it, because they want to maintain their reputation with the “cool crowd”. The reality is that most people in the “cool crowd” are weak and spineless. I’m also not afraid to say that sometimes they deserve a literal physical beat down so they can wake the fuck up!

gang fight

Imagine a world where the outsiders beat up the bullies. I am not saying violence is the answer for everything, but people who are different need to stand their ground in their convictions. 

I think in most cases, getting physical won’t be necessary, because most people who conform are cowards these days, so it will be easier for freethinkers to express themselves without any violent repercussions. In the old days, if a person was different, they would smash their windows, but nowadays they just troll you on the internet. Most bullies hide behind keyboards these days. If more of us start saying what we really want and feel, and live how we really want to live, we’ll see a major shift in our cultural for the better.

I personally believe that if people really expressed what was on their mind as a collective, you’ll actually see less violence and happier relationships. The reason why so many relationships fail is because either one person in the relationship or both are imitating a social drama script. Their minds aren’t open enough to be creative to make the relationship work. Happiness is generated from inside of you, it’s not external. It takes creativity to make a relationship work. Creative people run circles around miserable people, because being miserable is identical to being clueless. In a lot of cases, miserable people actually choose to be miserable for no reason. It’s really that insecure and distraught mental vibe and energy that is the main barrier from accomplishing tranquil and peaceful relationships.


This picture above is used as an example of how people who really desire peace and tranquility can get it if they truly express that they want it. It’s the social norms and status quo that’s holding people back from happiness.

If your views are unpopular, such as you believe in traditional marriage and family, please, express that. If you want to live a life of peace and pleasantness, express that. Also, express things that you don’t like. If you don’t like drama, express that. If you don’t like rap music, just say that. If you don’t like something or someone that’s popular, just say you don’t like it, regardless of what your friends and family around you say or think. If more people do this on a daily basis, society will slowly start to get more and more balanced. It will surprisingly even out a lot of things.

Never be afraid to express your opinion, regardless of what the social status quo is around you in your environment. I encourage people to express their thoughts and feelings, but only under the discretion that they are not slaves to their opinion. What I mean by that is when a person encounters information that is factual which contradicts their belief system, that person should be of sound mind and mature enough to acknowledge that information. This is how you become a better well-rounded human being.


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