Futurism and Other Ramblings by David Burt

Always consider what could be possible. There is more to this world than what you see around you everyday. Exercise your curiosity and your imagination. Try to envision how the world will be like in 10 years, or even 20 to 50 years from now. Now, try to envision how society will be like 100 years, or even 200 years from now!

Jetsons 2

Jetsons 3

Imagine what kind of technology will be around in the 22nd century. Envision flying cars and flying hoverboards like you saw on the movie Back To The Future, Part 2. Imagine all the medical breakthroughs that will be accomplished. See a world where cybernetics is the common norm, and people can live past one hundred years old. Imagine a world with the help of cybernetics, blindness and deafness is cured; and people who were once handicapped now can walk around with state of the art cybernetic limbs.

Imagine how in the future, most of the illnesses and diseases many people around the world suffer from are totally eradicated. All types of cancers can be easily cured and prevented. HIV and AIDS is a thing of the past. Even allergies and the common cold are a thing of the past. Also, with the advances in genetic technology and engineering, birth defects and inherited diseases can easily be detected and prevented long beforehand. People in the next generation will be much healthier and live longer lives.

In the future, society will use other forms of energy. There will no longer be any use for primitive fossil fuels. People will have access to free energy that is naturally all around us. The use of solar energy and solar panels will be the norm. The use of natural non-pollutant energy to power society will be cheaper and cleaner.

In the future, space flight will be more advanced. Rocket technology will be advanced to the point that a rocket can launch into space and come back to Earth with ease and be reusuable. Civilian space flights to Earth orbit and to the Moon will be common place. Envision missions to Mars and to other planets as common everyday reality. All of this can be accomplished within a century or two.



All of this may seem like wishful thinking. People who are extremely pragmatic might be reading this and saying to themselves, “What if humanity doesn’t make it? What if there is a nuclear holocaust within the next few years?” Then, you have those extremely mundane economic minded people who may say, “All of that is expensive and costs a lot of money; what if there is a financial crash in the next few years which makes all these futurist endeavors impossible?” All of these are very sound arguments. There maybe a situation in the near future that will set humanity backwards to the horse and buggy days. Since we can’t predict 100% what will happen in the future, my argument is that we just have to continue and push forward. I am aware it’s not always going to be a smooth process, because even personal success is never a smooth and easy process.


Challenges make people stronger. The human species obviously has its flaws, but we are also a strong species with great potential. If we Homo sapiens had the ability to progress from living in the African Bush to launching rockets into Earth orbit, we most certainly have the ability to walk on Mars and visit the other planets in our solar system. No doubt there will be a lot of obstacles and hindrances before we get there, but when we do get there, we will get there more successfully and wiser with that experience under our belt.


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