The Triumph of New and Better Ideas by David Burt

One of the reasons why we no longer live in caves or in the jungle is because of the development of new and better ideas. If it wasn’t for those outsiders who sat around thinking about the mysterious of life and the universe, mankind would still be living like nomadic Neanderthals. All the improvements and luxuries you see around you are a result of thinking men and women.

Society still holds on to old Bronze Age ideas like the Old Testament and the Koran, believing that is the foundation of morality and being civil. Most religious people don’t know that moral codes of ethics actually predate monotheistic religions. This fact alone destroys the notion that the Bible is the origin of so-called “good behavior”. As a matter of fact, religion has been responsible for a lot of barbaric behavior throughout history. Within Christianity, there was the Spanish Inquisition, witch burnings, the Salem Witch Trails, The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Genocide of Native Americans. The reason why we live in a modern cosmopolitan society today is because of a lot of secular movements within Western civilization, such as The Renaissance, The Protestant Reformation, The Enlightenment Era, and The Industrial ¬†Revolution just to name a few.


Witch Burnings

Witch Burnings 2



Secular ideas are more progressive and tolerant than religious beliefs. The reason why religious thought was so dominant in the past was because people lacked scientific knowledge. They didn’t know that the Earth was round. They didn’t know that our bodies are made of cells and that all matter was made of molecules and atoms. Since the ancients didn’t have knowledge of these basic scientific facts, they made up creation myths, the book of Genesis being just one of them. Over time, as centuries passed, there was a scientific revolution, thanks to great minds such as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble just to name a few. Their scientific contributions helped answer many of life’s mysteries of where we came from and how the universe came into existence.

You have to be weary and suspicious of people who claim that they want to go back to a “natural” way of living. A lot of times these people contradict themselves. They claim there are anti-establishment, but many of them still use social media like Facebook, still buy food from grocery stores, still buy gas to put in their cars, etc. These people are only anti-establishment in areas of life they are not succeeding in. They are not competent enough to go to college or work a steady job, so they ridicule the system or “the man” for suppressing them. In other words, they play the victim card. The victim card is no different than a Christian who says they need to be “saved”.

Now, in modern times, there is an attack on free speech and free thought. The new strategy the so-called elite are using now is to disguise their hidden agenda under the banner of social justice. Somehow, they are using subliminal mind-control to make people very emotionally sensitive, easily offended, and easily triggered. Just saying the wrong word in a casual joke can make people very upset and run to the authorities to have you arrested. It’s really a hidden agenda to reduce adults to be in a state of infantilism so the masses can be easily controlled.

All bad ideas need to be challenged. We shouldn’t be afraid to offend people. The critique of certain ideas isn’t an attack on individuals. All religions are ideas and are not exempt from scrutiny. The problem comes when people who had no say so in what was written in their so-called holy books take your attacks on your religion personally. Nobody is alive today who was around when the Koran was written 1,400 years ago. Nobody is alive today who was around when the New Testament was compiled and put together in 325 A.D. during the Council of Nicaea. It’s really insane to get upset and emotional about a book you didn’t write yourself. It’s really on the same level if you read a novel written by Stephen King and you took it literally, then you scream and cry when someone tells you that it’s fiction. YOU DIDN’T WRITE THE DAMN BOOK DUMBASS! That book wasn’t, isn’t, and never will be your personal property. You didn’t come up with the title or create the characters. So, it would be insane to take it personally. It should be obvious that ideas such as a talking snake in a garden, a world wide flood, and a man in the belly of a big fish need to be challenged and put in the children’s fantasy category where they belong.

Thankfully, we live in a time where people are more rational and aren’t afraid to question. More and more people are tolerant, because thanks to the internet, anybody can look up things and find the origin of certain ideas. Any idea that suppresses free speech, the right’s of women, or prevents people from living the lifestyle that they choose is being put to the wayside. Libertarian or Classical Liberal ideas work. Each man and woman is free to think and live anyway they choose without feeling guilty, as long as they don’t physically hurt anyone, unless it is for self-defense.


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