How To Counteract the Current Social Conspiracy Against Genuine Sincere Authentic People by David Burt

There is an obvious conspiracy against genuinely good people, especially among the Generation X and Millennial Generation. People gravitate towards those who have characteristics that are degenerate. Everything has to have an element of drama and sensationalism. This is very unhealthy mentally, spiritually, and even physically to a certain degree, and also very counterproductive. The few grounded people who don’t easily conform to the current social status-quo are usually very stressed out and lonely in many cases. This list below is just a small guide for sincere people on how to conduct themselves and stay productive.

How To Counteract the Current Social Conspiracy Against Genuine Sincere Authentic People:

  1. If you are a mature grounded person, never change the way you are.
  2. Convert your loneliness to creativity…stay busy and keep using your imagination so the blues won’t creep in.
  3. Hang around older people…the older generation have more sense than young people.
  4. Exercise and stay in shape…also eat healthy and drink plenty of water.
  5. Go to school, work hard, and move up the latter in life.
  6. Keep putting the signal out there that you are looking for a mate, but in the meantime, carry yourself as if you are already secure and established. Never beg or plead to the opposite sex, that makes you annoying and obnoxious.
  7. Prepare for your retirement and when you get old NOW!
  8. Study and learn as much as you can.
  9. Make it clear you disdain trivialness, rowdiness, and tackiness…and that you are perfectly fine and content with peace and tranquility.
  10. Help out in your community (Feed the homeless, Boys and Girls Club, Volunteer, etc…).
  11. Have a sense of humor about yourself.
  12. Continue to be friendly, but when you encounter assholes, don’t take no shit!

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