Guidelines on How To Be a Mature and Confident Adult by David Burt

Guidelines on how to be a mature and confident adult. How to have a healthy mature adult mind:

  1. Understand that life is not fair…the universe we live in is neither positive or negative, but indifferent towards you.
  2. Nobody cares about your feelings.
  3. This world doesn’t care if you live or if you die.
  4. You can’t always control the outcome of a situation, but you are always 100% in control of the effort.
  5. Life is hard. There would be no point in living if life was always easy.
  6. There is nothing outside of yourself that will come and save you.
  7. Human beings are not angels. Anybody can become corrupt.
  8. Open your mouth and talk…nobody can read your mind.
  9. If you expect perfection or a Disney happy ending, the universe and nature will beat you down hard constantly over and over again until you snap the fuck out of it.
  10. The majority of life is boring…it’s impossible trying to be cool and swag while cooking breakfast, brushing your teeth, or taking a shit.
  11. The survival of the fittest applies to humans as well, not just the animal kingdom.
  12. People judge your worth by how much you can contribute to society.
  13. Paying bills comes first before blowing money on being “hip and cool”.
  14. Most good genuine people don’t fall into any social category.
  15. Just being a good person is not enough.
  16. Stay away from people who say money doesn’t matter.
  17. There in no such thing as a good “Christian” man or woman. Good stands on its own, it doesn’t need another word attached to it to define itself to make it seem better or more valid.
  18. Never be in denial of reality.
  19. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try…or you can do all the right things or do everything right, things can still go wrong.
  20. You will die one day and you won’t be remembered 200 years from now. You don’t even know the name of your great great grandparents.
  21. You’re not special…the 7 billion people on planet Earth won’t stop and cry when you die.
  22. Learn as much as you can.
  23. Do what makes you happy, even at the cost of disobeying your friends or even your mother, as long as it’s legal and doesn’t physically hurt anyone.
  24. Nothing just falls into your lap, just because you are a “good person”. You literally have to work for the good things in life.
  25. Responsible hardworking people deserve the best in life and have the right to indulge.
  26. Stop being so impressionable….challenge the example that you are following.
  27. If you see or follow a clique or group of friends, challenge the leader of that clique.
  28. The pursuit of the opposite sex should outweigh hanging out with buddies of the same sex.
  29. Move up the social latter…and create chaos and change for the better once you reach the top. Lead and dominate the bourgeoisie with the intuition and street smarts you’ve learned during your fight to the top.
  30. Be unique and different…social conformity is a sin.

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