The Warrior Aspect of Spirituality by David Burt

Many Christians and modern New Agers have a very narrow perception of what spirituality really is. They view spirituality as all “fluffy bunny” in which everything is all about rainbows, unicorns, flowers, and smiley faces. There is nothing wrong with that part of spirituality, but you can’t deny or omit that defiant aspect of spirituality, also called the Warrior Aspect.

In ancient mythology, not only were there the gods of peace and love, but there were also the gods of war and destruction. Many times, these war gods were on the side of good. These gods were found in many different cultures, for example, in West Africa among the Yoruba there was the warrior god Shango. In Hinduism, there was the god of destruction and rebirth known as Shiva. In ancient Egypt there was the warrior goddess Sekhmet. In Norse mythology, you have the very popular and well-known warrior god Thor. These gods were known for their rebelliousness and defiance, but they also had hearts of gold and stood for honor and integrity.

The ancient world acknowledged the reality that you needed the duality of both light and dark, positive and negative, or masculine and feminine; but unfortunately, overtime with the emergence of Christianity, the active principle was put to the side and swept under the rug to push and promote only the passive side. This was done to so that the slave masses won’t revolt against authority. This is where the doctrines of “love your enemies” or “turn the other cheek” came about, but at the exact same time the Christian establishment were enslaving and conquering indigenous lands.

Centuries later; when the New Age movement came about, when soccer moms and teenage outcasts started getting into meditation, reiki, crystals, and the law of attraction; the Warrior Aspect was still being denied or left out of the equation. There is nothing wrong with promoting positivity, but suppressing your natural carnal defiant nature can result in having serious psychological issues. This is why many conscious people have anxiety disorders, because they don’t know how to filter out that particular energy.

I suggest all people who are on the spiritual tip to read up on mythology. Study the gods of war and also the mythology of the hero, especially going back to the Egyptian god Horus. Research other entities and characters of mythology such as Lucifer, Prometheus, Hercules, or Jason of the Argonauts. Studying these characters should give you the basic mental framework as to how to implement and apply the Warrior Principle of spirituality.


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