Having A Mysterious, Confident, and Wise Spirit by David Burt

Most people in society have it confused. They associate wisdom and mental maturity as synonymous with anyone who is elderly, physically crippled or withered, or anything “old fashioned.” When most people think of a wise person, the first thing that comes to mind is an old man with a long beard who walks around with a walking cane, or an old lady sitting in a rocking chair knitting mittens. Of course, there are many elderly people who are knowledgeable and wise, because of all the years of experience they have lived. my argument is why are great qualities such as wisdom, mental stability, confidence, and intuition reserved for people who were in their prime two generations ago? I believe that such great attributes can be applied better if an individual is in their youthful years, particularly in their 20’s or 30’s. Just take those noble qualities and fuse them together with the suaveness, seductiveness, rebelliousness, coolness, agility, flexibility, and energy of a young adult; then you will have a very strong, productive, balanced, well-rounded human being.

My message to Millennials, and also to the up and coming Generation Z and Generation Alpha, is to carry yourself with confidence and security. Always be grounded. Feel that internal warmth inside you. Have awareness of your being. Be conscious of the world around you. See yourself as someone who is regal and wise. If you need examples of that, read and study as much as you can. Don’t get caught up in your feelings all the time and make decisions based on how it can benefit you in the long run.

You can be a wholesome, grounded, or even a family oriented person and still maintain your unique style and aesthetic. For some odd reason, the cultures of the 20th century and early 21st century has enforced the idea that “coolness” or being “hip” is the polar opposite of being a responsible family oriented adult. I believe that parents who are responsible and practical, but still maintain their eccentric tastes and qualities, will be best equipped to handle any issue a child faces, and can solve them better compared to the very stiff traditional Christian or the “Leave It To Beaver/Brady Bunch” method of parenting. Tough times require new ideas.

There are many benefits of having wisdom while you’re young. The benefits of having cool and wise spirit is that your intuition is heightened. You will have the keen ability to see through people and detect danger and deception from miles away. You will easily choose what is best for yourself and not succumb to the trivial pettiness of the outside world.

Being mysterious or being beyond any social category is a good thing. You are not doing anything special if you can be easily figured out. This is where having your own style and aesthetic comes in. This is why I am fan of Goth culture, because it is a combination of both rebelliousness and sophistication. It’s aura is dark and melancholy, but also radiates the message of individuality and independence from the narrow social constructs of the masses.

We have to make wisdom cool again. We have to make this into a slogan. Being wise and grounded, and fusing that together with style and creativity, will be a very dynamic and game-changing combination.


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