Turn Your Destructive Energy Into Constructive Energy by David Burt

A lot of negative vibes and energy many people express or radiate is usually misdirected energy. Some people have a lot of energy inside of them that they have difficulty containing, so it “bursts” out of them in the form of rage, hyperactivity, or a fast talking hot mouth. These people need to learn to take that energy and forge it into a creative tool for the benefit of themselves and the world around them.

It is similar to the character Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops from the Marvel X-Men comics. As a youth, he was unable to control the optic blasts that were coming from his eyes whenever he opened them. Later on, with the help of Professor Xavier, he was given a ruby-quartz visor and was trained to control his power for the benefit of the team during their adventures to fight the forces of evil.

With the aid of good old fashion discipline, determination, and effort; that internal fire many people have can be cultivated into a useful productive or constructive energy. Also, physical activities like exercise or playing sports is a good way to release that energy. Meditation, reading, and studying is very good as well; because it strengthens your mind and will-power to have better self-control.


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