Keeping Your Integrity In This Crazy World by David Burt

The world that we live in wants us to conform to a very narrow status quo. You either have to be too liberal or too conservative. You either have to be very bourgeoisie and rigid or very rowdy or vulgar. Many people don’t realize that the very few real sincere people in this world do not easily fit into any social category. The most honest people usually march to the beat of their own drum. Most people have a very limited view of what a good person is. They associate a good person who is always clean cut, someone who is usually preppy, or very religious, pious, and meek. People don’t realize that it is usually the ones who put up the front or the image of always being “squeaky clean” who have the most skeletons in their closest. Many people with real integrity are sometimes very candid and frank. They don’t try to wear the “good guy badge” to impress other people. To keep your integrity in this crazy world, you must think outside the box. If you research history, you will find that the most brave, noble, and innovative people were very unconventional. No man made a mark on the world by playing it safe. You won’t find a clean cut “mama’s boy” in the pages of your high school American History book. In order to stay afloat in this crazy, immoral, and chaotic world, you have to study and adopt new ideas in order to see through people and situations. Sometimes, you even have to go against your ingrained notions of what is right and wrong in order to get certain things done for the betterment of yourself, your loved ones, and the community around you. Also, do not be afraid of what people think of you. Just let those people “think”, while you are busy “doing”. Stand firm in your convictions. Stay focus on your goals. Keep your eyes on your North Star.



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